Because Math is Fun When it's Physical!
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Sample Fun Math Game Activity Sheets

Sample Fun Math Game Activity Sheets

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What's Free and What's Nearly Free

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What's Different With the Free Math Games and Activities?

The activities provided here are not as comprehensive as the full programs as they are designed to cater for all countries BUT they are still totally AWESOME.  So while there are no curriculum codes, we have provided the general outcome for each activity and ALL PAID PROGRAMS have the full syllabus mapping. 

Math Activities & Games

The first FREE math game with activity sheet uses indoor bowling ball pins which in Australia we call Skittles. Watch this video to see how to make Skittles from plastic drink bottles and then have an amazing time with your students in your math lesson tomorrow. They seriously won't believe they are doing math (but they are shhhh ;)

Math ‘N’ Movement – Free (and nearly free) FUN activities created by an Aussie Primary School Teacher on a mission to help you to make math FUN and EXCITING!

Math 'N' Movement activity combine physical education with math. Each activity has been curriculum matched to the USA, UK and Australian teaching syllabus which means it's a cinch to map to learning outcomes for both Math and Physical Education. With Math 'N' Movement, you can teach twice as much in half the time AND your students will not even notice they are learning! 

Download the printable Math Games and Activity Sheets and discover how much FUN you can have teaching Math AND how much fun your students can have LEARNING math!

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