Because Math is Fun When it's Physical!
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In-School Coaching - Let Us Do It For You!

There is no question that children need to be competent in the Fundamental Movement Skills if they are going to engage in organised sport.  Once they become competent, they can then become confident and ideally become life long healthy active adults who seek out organised sport.

Maths 'N' Movement will provide your schools with a qualified coach to teach your students the Fundamental Movement Skills which are the basis of all athletics.  But the best part is that every activity also covers a mathematics concept too.  So students are not just running they are counting their steps, timing their friends, measuring the distance they have travelled and graphing their heart rate.  

The perfect maths lesson for any reluctant students and the ideal way to ensure every student in your school can perform the basic skills required to allow them to participate in any sport they choose.   Call us on 1800 264 429  today to discuss how we can best assist your school to get your students involved in Maths 'N' Movement today.