Because Math is Fun When it's Physical!
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STEM + PE Lessons Mapped to Your Syllabus

Math 'N' Movement makes learning and teaching STEM and PE fun! Lesson plans combining Math and Physical Education are fully mapped to country specific curriculum and syllabus codes for the United Kingdom, United States of America and Australia. Each teaching program is filled with fun physical activities which will see your students develop a love of Math and a mastery of the Fundamental Movement Skills while also learning the STEM skills of group work, leadership and resilience.

Make Learning AND Teaching Math More Fun!

Math 'N' Movement is designed for elementary school teachers who want to engage their students from Kindergarten to Year 6 and take a proactive stance on getting more students, more active, more often but it also makes teaching so much FUN!  

Maths ‘N’ Movement increases both on task student behaviour and fitness by combining STEM Math activities with the key Physical Education topics of movement, co-operation, game play, safety and acceptance of consequences for one’s actions.


  1. Active kids are easier to teach! 
  2. Active kids are FUN to teach!
  3. Active Kids REMEMBER more!